Content Protection

Let Us Guard Your Original Content On a Global Scale Against Digital Piracy

Content Protection Across All Digital Mediums

Movies, TV series, music, software, games, e-books… Whatever medium you choose to present your original vision to your audience, you need the best protection against those looking to make illegal profits from it. Our incorporation of industry experience, technical expertise, and legal reach provides a unique, fast, and effective solution against digital piracy efforts of all types.

How We Guard Your Originals?

Detection & Removal >> Identification >> Prevention >> Legal Action >> Reporting

Detection & Removal

Integrating advanced software support with manual methods of tracking and intervention, we begin by identifying all content infringing on your copyright across multiple platforms by deep scanning: search engines, indexing services, streaming sites, hosting platforms, torrents, cyberlockers, and more. We can successfully determine 99.99% of the content on all digital media and we have a success rate of 96,3% in the removal of illegal content.

Identification of the Pirated Copies

We identify the related pirated copies spreading the content illegally, one by one. Whether they are popular social networking sites or private servers owned by the pirates, we can track them thanks to our partnerships and agreements with social networks, file-sharing platforms, and search engines. Then we can take the required actions and send warning notices directly to the pirated copies.

Prevention of Redistribution

We are well aware that consistency is key in fighting against piracy. To prevent further illegal distribution, we track your content 24/7 across all corners of the internet using our in-house AI software that mimics user behavior. This way we prevent the reproduction of pirated content and make sure the effect of our efforts is permanent.

Legal Actions

We follow up our efforts with immediate legal correspondence with websites, video-sharing sites, hosting companies, and internet service providers, and if we see it necessary, take the required legal actions with our legal team or international legal network specialized in intellectual property.


We share the successful results with you regularly on a 30-day basis, with an in-depth report detailing the results of content protection with information on:

  • Illegal Content
  • Pirated Copies
  • Removal Rate
  • Final Success Rate

You can access this report 24/7 for individual monitoring.

Who Can Benefit From Anti-Piracy Services, and How?

Virtually all digital property owners! If you have any type of copyrighted content that you present to your audience on digital platforms, we will provide you with the best protection to increase your revenues and guard your reputation.

Producers: We successfully track, locate, and remove pirated copies of motion pictures within the theatrical window, maximizing box office revenues and preventing a decrease in value.

Distributors: We provide distributors with a detailed piracy intelligence report to help them determine the accurate transactional value of copyrighted content before it is distributed in a certain region.

VOD platforms/Pay TV: We help VOD/Pay TV platforms protect their original series by preventing illegal circulation on the internet, thereby increasing the number of subscribers to their platform.

Television/Broadcasters: We work with broadcasters to protect their popular content for the reruns on their web domain, significantly increasing their view counts- and ad revenues.

Livestream: While live content is being streamed online, we actively guard it and ensure the rightful owner can maximize viewers and ad revenue.

Gaming and Publishing: Infringements on video games and other kinds of software are a serious threat to the education, publication, and entertainment industry. We deliver end-to-end solutions against illegally copying and distributing games and digital publications.

Musicians & Record Labels: We offer fast and accurate detection and removal services against illegal copying and distribution of recordings for music rights owners, guarding them against stream ripping, torrents, P2P, and other types of music piracy.

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