We locate pirated copies of all kinds of illegal content and remove them from the face of the internet. Fighting the good fight on technical and legal fronts simultaneously is what makes us unique.

The preservation of exclusivity for premium content's potential is diligently assured for its rightful owners.

We are digital guardians who protect your creative mind, prestige, and kingdom against all infringements.

We Guard Your Originals

The awareness that the future of content is leaning toward digital channels is held by us, and a strong belief is firmly held that the highest quality of content warrants the most powerful form of protection. This is precisely the offering that is extended by us. Our anti-piracy and brand protection services are encouraged to be explored by you.

Content Protection

Be faster than the pirates! Act quickly against piracy with our definitive anti-piracy solutions. With more than 10 years of experience, we’re here to guard your content on a global scale.

Reputation Management

Reputations are not built easily, so don’t let yours get harmed by defamatory content. Let us deal with the unfounded negative/defamatory content to guard your reputation.


As the online shopping market grows, counterfeit goods rapidly evolve too. We will detect fake goods and take down rogue sites to protect your brand and increase your profits.

From "Lifesavers" to "Creative Partners":
Our Clients Speak Up

The creative spirit drives innovation and fuels our entertainment landscape. Here, you'll hear directly from creators who trust us to safeguard their valuable content. Their testimonials showcase how our anti-piracy services empower them.

  • Gizem Bulut - Director of Marketing Operations
    The quick responses we receive from DigiGuardians are the most satisfactory aspect of this service.
    Gizem Bulut - Director of Marketing Operations
    Nu Look Production
  • İhsan Özdemir - Marketing & PR Manager
    We are working with DigiGuardians in the process of preserving our films, which is a very important process for us. We are very happy to collaborate with such an effective company.
    İhsan Özdemir - Marketing & PR Manager
    Chantier Films
  • Anonymous
    We are pleased with the service we received from DigiGuardians.
  • Selin Özyürek - Digital Content and Marketing Director
    I have been working with DigiGuardians for nearly 10 years. It is a company to which we can entrust all our productions/content with peace of mind. They have never compromised on quality until today. We see them as our teammates, not as a company we work with. I think they are number one in their field in Turkey. Our job requires 24/7 attention, so it is very important to be reachable at all times, and DigiGuardians have never let us down in this regard.
    Selin Özyürek - Digital Content and Marketing Director
  • Enes Öztürk - Digital Rights Manager
    We are very pleased with our harmonious cooperation.
    Enes Öztürk - Digital Rights Manager
    Demirören Media
  • Anonymous
    I am very pleased with both the communication with the customer and the speed of the operation.
  • Jared Geesey - Chief Distribution Officer
    Very fast and prompt service. Easy to send violations as we found them in addition to the violations that were found and removed automatically.
    Jared Geesey - Chief Distribution Officer
    Angel Studios
  • David Dinerstein - Executive Producer
    The ability to quickly track and stop unauthorized circulation of my content is simply excellent.
    David Dinerstein - Executive Producer
    Summer of Soul

They Love Creating Original Content, and We Love Guarding Them. Here are Some of Our References.

Selection of our esteemed clients, representing diverse content types and industries. Their logos serve as a testament to the trust they place in our expertise and the value we bring to their creative journey.