Who We Are

We Guard The Kingdom

We are here to make sure no one profits illegally from your creative vision and hard work.

Guardians’ Origins

While the digital revolution radically transformed the concept of entertainment, it made it easier for pirates to spread stolen content via illegal streaming sites, file-sharing platforms, cyberlockers, apps, social media, and more…

It shouldn’t be that easy. In fact, it should be impossible.
These were our thoughts when we saw the true scope of the piracy problem as the owners of Turkey’s first VOD platform, MUViZi, in 2012- we saw how much of a threat digital piracy was -as it still is- to original content, revenues, and reputations of all kinds of establishments with creative endeavors, and that drove us to establish DigiGuardians in 2013.

Combining technical and legal expertise with industry knowledge and smart technologies, we have set out to eliminate piracy and stop the spreading of illegal content over online platforms.

Meet Your Global Anti-Piracy Partner

Fast forward 10 years; today, with a growing team of experts and worldwide partnerships with some of the largest VOD and OTT platforms, we are working 24/7 to stop digital piracy on a global scale, with a success rate of 96,3% in the removal of illegal content, in 2022.

Located in Amsterdam, Los Angeles & Istanbul and operating on each corner of the digital world, we are successfully guarding the originals of those who not only create to live, but live to create. From producers to distributors, broadcasters to game companies and live streamers, we are working with all kinds of intellectual property rights owners to help them thrive in the digital world without having to worry about the safety of their creations.

Nothing Left Uncovered

As much as we love messing with the pirates, anti-piracy solutions are not the only services we provide to our brands. In addition to guarding your content against all types of digital piracy efforts, we also offer reputation management and anti-counterfeiting services to provide a 360° solution.

We follow up what we do by taking immediate legal steps, thanks to our international legal network specialized in intellectual property.